Wedding Trial Tips

Here are my favorite tips for nailing your hair and makeup trial:

- Bring Photos 

It's important to bring inspirational photos of looks you're interested in. When you do research, be sure to  choose images that are close to your hair type, race, coloring, and hair color. Even bringing pictures of celebrities you look like will better inform what the style might look like on you. Also bring some photos of you looking your best. That will help me, or any artist, get a sense of your style. If you like the front of one style, or the back of another, bring photos of as many angles of them as you can--this will help us effectively incorporate elements of your favorite ideas.

- The point of a trial is to try things

It's always good to go into a trial with an open mind as well as a sense of what you want. Stylists aren't mind readers, so don't be afraid to be specific and speak up. We can always fix something that you may not like and our feelings won't be hurt. The process of creating your wedding look is a collaboration, and we want to get it how you want it! When something goes awry, it is usually because there was a communication issue. That said, please be nice about it, and be open to the idea that some styles may look different on your face than they do on the model in the photo. Tailoring the look to your face shape and style is important, and that's where we come in! Sometimes we have to adapt your look, and make recommendations for current curl and cut, to make you look your best.

-Come with clean, dry hair and face

Every stylist is different, but I prefer my clients come with clean, dry hair and face. That way, we won't spend time at your trial on blowing out your hair and removing makeup. Instead, we can start from scratch and build the look from there.

-Bring Veils and Hair Pieces

If you've already purchased a hair piece or veil, bring them with you to get the full effect of the hair style and makeup. Sometimes its better to wait to buy a hair piece, so you can be sure what the appropriate size is, in order to fit the hair style you'll have. I've seen brides buy a piece that ended up being too big for the style they decided on. So my other recommendation is to be sure you have return options if you've purchased something before your trial.

-Camera phones wash you out

Definitely take photos of your trial for reference purposes, but be aware that regular cameras and camera phones create a flat, washed-out look that will bring back the intensity of your hair and makeup by three times. Go with what your eye sees, in person, at the trial. Your photographer will have professional lighting the day of your wedding which will capture your actual look.

-Only bring one other person

If you would like to bring someone to your trial, choose a person whose opinion you trust. Bringing more than one person can become create opinion chaos--it can be too many cooks in the kitchen.

- Remember to have fun

Having your hair and makeup done should be one of the more fun aspects of planning your wedding. So enjoy the process!