Every so often you meet a couple where everything aligns perfectly. From the first contact and upon meeting in person, things just seem to click. Especially when you are working with other professionals, who see what you see and who get to share in the experience such as Arek and Ilona from Lovemore, this truly brings the day full circle. When this happens, documenting a wedding, crosses the line from client to friend.



Typically, a wedding is just one day, but for them, mother nature took on a bit more of a roll than one would predict. Being as easygoing of a couple as they are, they just went with it. So for me, their video took place over many months to capture them as a couple and make their story all it can be. During those months, I was able to witness their passionate love for each other, as I watched them interact with one another through a lens, it was as if I wasn’t even there.

Their wedding and love was a gift for me to work with. Feeling the need to tell their story and share their love, I took it personally and so it brings me great happiness to present to your their highlight reel.


Photography: Lovemore, Arek and Ilona | Hair & Make Up: Amy Klewitz Beauty | Venue: The Fox Hollow, Winter Garden | Officant: Ceremonies of the Heart | Entertainment: Unique Entertainment